Swift Haulage signs MoU with Volvo Trucks Malaysia

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From left: Volvo Trucks International vice president of sales and marketing Johan Selva, Volvo Malaysia Sdn Bhd managing director Anthony O’Connell, Swift Haulage group CEO Loo Yong Hui and Swift Haulage advisor Loo Hooi Keat.

KUALA LUMPUR: Swift Haulage Bhd has entered into a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Volvo Trucks Malaysia to promote and introduce electric trucks in Malaysia.

The country’s largest haulier and leading integrated logistics service provider said the MoU marks the first step in the company's electromobility journey and highlights its commitment to sustainability across all facets of its business operations.

“The interest in integrating Volvo Electric Trucks into their fleet reflects Swift’s responsible procurement efforts that will accelerate their environmental sustainability objectives.

“Swift believes that the goal of a more environmentally sustainable transport fleet with zero emissions will be made possible through partnership with industry-leading leaders like Volvo Trucks, who share similar values and aspirations whilst possessing the technology and innovation know-how,” it said.




Swift group chief executive officer Loo Yong Hui said it is part of Swift's strategy to grow its business whilst adopting sustainable technology that can improve operational efficiency and effectiveness while reducing carbon emissions.

“We have therefore decided to take the leap and make the shift to electro-mobility. Over the longer term, we hope to convert our whole fleet to electric trucks. We are therefore glad to have Volvo Trucks with us on our journey in making the switch,” he said in a statement.

Meanwhile, Volvo Truck Malaysia managing director Anthony O'Connell said the company would provide Swift Haulage with their first electric truck that meets their productivity standards, increased safety standards and, all at the same time, be better for the environment.

“We will not stop here and aim to provide holistic and comprehensive offers to our customers as Volvo Trucks continue to advocate partners on a larger scale and the bigger picture, which includes support such as infrastructure owners on supplying and providing sufficient charging facilities to ensure successful adoption of customised electric transport solutions,” he added.


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